Canning Town
In order to tackle inner London regeneration projects HFBT director Kevin Burrell set up Ecentral in 2004 bringing together a group of like minded organisations all of whom have a significant presence in development and regeneration in the UK. Under Kevin's direction Ecentral adopted a unique 'Charter of Values' placing them at the forefront of forward thinking approach to regeneration of our communities. The key objective was to address the many missing elements of traditional consortium approaches to regeneration and place design quality at the top of the agenda. Ecentral's first success was achieved in Canning Town where the London Borough of Newham appointed Ecentral to their delivery partner framework for the regeneration of 10 major sites in East London covering some 55 hectares with potential for up to 18,000 new homes. Ecentral appointed a world class framework of architects, urban designers and planners to develop a Masterplan for the whole area as well as innovative architectural designs for high density housing in a mixed use and mixed tenure community. Further details and images of the proposals for the regeneration of the whole of the Canning Town and Custom House area and the first phase of the project can be found at