Kingston Road
The proposals comprise the retention and refurbishment of existing Victorian buildings on Kingston Road and replacement of the remainder with a combination of offices and housing. The site was owned and occupied by the St. Christoper's Fellowship, a charity dedicated to providing housing for disadvantaged young people. Part of the refurbished buildings were to be used for this purpose and the new offices occupied by the Fellowship. Merton were enlightened in their approach to new buildings in a conservation area and welcomed a 'high quality modern design' in their report to the planning committee. The new offices are mainly naturally ventilated but this is modulated by an outer skin of glass louvres on the south elevation which also contribute to a passive extract system, reducing the contribution needed from mechanical plant. The design makes extensive use of timber and the structure is external allowing column free floor plates. This together with the double fa?ade and changing ventilation pattern of the windows and glass louvres responds, in a contemporary way, to the variety of detail in the buildings of the conservation area.