Berwaldhallen Stockholm
The Berwaldhallen concert hall, with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Swedish Radio Choir, is one of the most important cultural institutions in the country, reaching far beyond the borders of Sweden. A detailed analysis of the location and the existing building was undertaken to see if the management's new strategy for an improved connection to a wider public audience, could be physically implemented. The Berwaldhallen currently only functions acceptably as a broadcasting venue being on the edge of town centre away from other cultural and leisure activities. The design of the existing hall suits symphony orchestra performance but has little flexibility for other types of event and public performance which were seen as an important but secondary concern. The architecture of the existing halls whilst worthy is dull, and the complex as a whole is self effacing without a strong public presence. The new objectives for the organization are to make the complex outward looking and inviting to connect with the public, with a new auditorium to enable the venue to stage the widest possible range of events together with new restaurants and bars. This is delivered through new buildings with dramatic architecture to reflect rebirth of venue. The proposals encompassed a new 500 seat flexible space for a variety of music performance with Cinema and lecture theatre configurations. A major new open public face to the building provided by a glass walled foyer with a bar and brasserie on the most prominent corner. A new glass entrance pavilion provides a strong focus to the buildings and a new terrace for outdoor exhibitions as well as entertainment and leisure functions is created.