HFBT’s philosophy is firmly rooted in the belief that success is the result of collaboration and dialogue. Our work focuses on ways of bringing buildings and spaces together to become civilised and successful environments. Since our formation in 2005, we have worked from the ground up with clients, communities and users on projects that regenerate and improve the urban landscape and local environment.

We embrace the cultural, social and historical context of our sites; this inspires the concept and choice of technologies and materials required to create an appropriate architecture for now and the future. We have no preconceived ideologies or solutions. Our project and site specific approach enables us to identify and respond to a rich matrix of influences; as a result our projects are extremely varied. We have created regeneration master plans in city environments; we have designed housing, hotels and offices, restaurants, retail developments and concert halls. Our work covers both new buildings and the regeneration of existing buildings often in historic contexts.


We strive to deliver high quality and commercially viable designs that exceed our client’s expectations and provide sustainable environments that can inspire both now and in the future.


We are unusual as architects in that we recognise, understand and embrace the financial parameters that control development and which make architecture and place making possible at all.


We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives, which combined with our site specific and flexible approach to design help create bespoke solutions that are appropriate for them and right for the community and environment. Our creative design experience along with professional and technical consultancies give us a special ability to analyse all aspects of a project and how the final result works within its environment.


In parallel with our design expertise we believe architects are obligated to consider the management and delivery of development. At the heart of our business is the belief that we must strive to be innovative in our approach to all aspects of the development process.


From our inception we have been exploring and developing new ways of approaching these processes, from innovative construction systems to financial development models that respond to the larger scale needs of our changing society. We are far from being typical Architects and our proactive approach to initiating development opportunities for our clients has built long term partnering relationships with many of our select client list.


The problems others see, we view as opportunities. We explore potential, and in partnership with our clients and stakeholders we strive to deliver solutions that are economically viable and profitable as well as beautiful.